New discoveries: perfume

I’m starting a new feature of my blog: to tell the stories of a few of the people I meet in my travels, people who offer a product or service that I appreciate. They are people who lead lives of creativity and passion and craftsmanship, in a word, artisans. These are not ads or paid promotions, but rather my own experience of something noteworthy to share with you. I am calling the feature “New Discoveries,” and you’ll be able to search by that term to see other installments.

And now a drumroll, please … I bring you a very special perfume shop.

Godet Outside
The inviting exterior of Maison Godet, where I saw Sonia misting the air with one of her lovely perfumes. The sign tells the history of Maison Godet, founded by Sonia’s great-grandfather in 1901, and explains his connection with Matisse.


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