Here’s what makes my heart sing: living the creative life. Finding artistry every day, and finding ways to share that artistry with you, through photography, writing, cooking, exploring.

I am so grateful for the gifts and blessings that have come my way. I believe that my greatest gift is my seeing. My parents gave me treasures, too: from my mother came the gift of seeing color and beauty; from my father came the skills of design, problem-solving, and crafting the written word. From everyone in my family came the love of food.

As a child, I studied calligraphy and built models of my own architectural floorplans. At eight years old, I found two life-long loves: I received a Kodak Instamatic camera and my mom started teaching me how to cook.

My dad said that I take pictures of weird things; I know that I don’t see the way other folks see. When the camera is in my hand, I’m rarely looking for a particular subject. I tend to let my focus soften, waiting to discover what will capture my imagination: a flash of color, intriguing lettering on a shop sign, the wabi-sabi of peeling paint on window shutters.

Once my eye is captured, then my heart takes over. I fall down the rabbit hole of the camera lens, and enter a wonderland where I lose all sense of time and place. I can tell that I’m finished making photographs when I start to become aware again of the “real” world around me.

Writing can have the same effect. I sink my teeth into a project and start writing, again leaving behind the rest of the world, until I return again, slightly disoriented from what feels like a voyage through time.

When I pop out of that rabbit hole, the creativity continues with further digital work on the photographs or fine-tuning the writing, and then the final result makes its way to a place where you can see it. That is my gift to you.

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