Winter solstice 2022

The magic of the season
We emerged from the drab grey concrete of the underground parking garage into a scene of such beauty that we all gasped.

A few friends had driven to Béziers to see that city’s holiday light show and Christmas market, followed by a yummy dinner at a nearby restaurant. The first thing we saw was the musical fountains, which had us clapping our hands in delight. The fountains were choreographed—both with the movement of the water and with changing colors—to dance along with the Christmas music that was being broadcast on loudspeakers.

A bonus was that we were two days from the full moon, which added to the magic of the evening.

After a few mesmerizing minutes, we walked past the fountains and into the wonderland of lights, done mostly in a fairy tale theme with an overlay of silver and gold.

Our faces were lit up like children on, well, Christmas morning. We didn’t know where to look next, as we alternated between squeals of delight and quiet stares of pure enchantment.

A golden deer with a fantastical headdress stands near the crenelated walls of a castle.
We found Cinderella’s horse and carriage inside the castle walls.
The almost-full moon takes a peek at a lovely fountain of lights.
Glittering lights seen in the rippling reflection pool.
We took a break from the lights to explore the Christmas market, and at least one of us was looking for a vin chaud (hot mulled wine in English and glühwein in German). This vendor offered three delicious varieties, and we all enjoyed a cup as we continued our meanderings.
Two girls posing with a giant teddy bear.
Can you hear this young fellah’s laughter as he runs past a gingerbread house?

Parting shot
I’m writing this post on the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere), 21 December. I thought that as long as I’m already a little late with my post, I’d wait until noon so that I could include a shadow photo. I like making photos of my shadow, and today is special. At noon on the Winter Solstice, your shadow is the longest it will be all year.

2 thoughts on “Winter solstice 2022”

    1. Well, maybe Junction needs someone to start a seasonal lights event… !!! It’s lovely to hear from you, Deb, and I hope this finds you well. Happy holidays, and bisous from France.


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