Road Trip, Day 7

Today marks the midpoint of my road trip, and it was a day unlike the others of the past week. I woke up a little tired and groggy, which I chalked up to the weather: continued rain, clouds down to the street, the barometer even lower. Grey, grey, grey.

One necessary chore was to find a laundromat. I could easily hand wash a few things, but they’d take a week to dry in this weather. After a couple of false starts, I got that chore taken care of, along with a visit to the Mont Dore visitors center. I scrounged up some lunch, had a nap, and then got myself out the door again for a return trip to Orceval. I’d noticed yesterday that they would be offering a guided tour today, and that sounded like a good idea.

This is a long way of saying that I don’t have a full day’s worth of photographs and stories to sort through for this blog post. Instead, I decided to look through the past week’s haul, and I chose at least one previously-unpublished photo for each day, including one for today. I grouped them by subject more than by time.

Have fun!

Doors with curly braces.
Sunlight shines through an old clear paned window and onto the wall opposite.
A wide range of pastel tones in this antique painted wooden door.
The vivid hues of a stained glass window in the Rodez cathedral, on display in abstract patterns on the stone floor.
This sign is hilarious to me because I’ve never before seen one. French drivers plan on being able to get into—and out of—the tiniest of spaces with their cars, and this sign strikes me as a rare admission of defeat.
A towering and regal Sequoia (who knew?) stands next to the medieval Saint-Pierre-de-Bessuéjouls church.
This lovely scene was also at Saint-Pierre-de-Bessuéjouls.
Today: still rainy, still grey, but all that moisture makes this a lush and beautiful place. And very, very green.

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