Huzzah for Gaia!

Lichen Garden
A miniature lichen garden at the foot of a tree in the garrigue near my house.


Mother Earth, who has been beleaguered by all manner of human assault for far too long, is staging a tiny comeback. While much of the world shelters in place, the cities have cleaner air, animals feel safer to explore this home we all share, and the skies are not full of noise and contrails. Huzzah for Gaia on this Earth Day 2020!

Today I bring you a short post, with some photographs from my corner of earthly paradise. Most of the photos come from last week’s walks because we’re currently in the midst of a minor deluge. The skies opened up a few days ago, and it’s been almost non-stop until this afternoon. This isn’t a dramatic storm, full of the fury of lightning and thunder and pounding rain. This has been a quiet time to explore all the gradations of grey, with a soft drizzle in the air and an overarching aura of peace and quiet. A time of nurturing and nourishing, and the earth is soaking it up.


Still Rainy
What I’ve been seeing when I look out the window.


No Footbridge Today
It might have been tricky to use the pedestrian footbridge today.


Photo Set
The magnificent orchis purpuris, or purple orchid. Left: the main stem when it first pokes out of the ground. Right: a tiny green spider explores a stalk full of perfectly exquisite little flowers.


Photo Set
Wildflowers of the garrigue. Left: cistus, commonly called rock rose. Center: aphyllanthes, a sweet blue flower on a grassy stem, with no leaves. Right: the center of a rich red poppy.


First Garden Flowers
The first flowers in my garden this year, lilacs and one sweet rose.


Here’s to you, Gaia!



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