The beach in winter

Dune 1
This miniature sand dune reminds me of a zebra. This is about three feet long, or just under one meter.

A day at the beach
Off we went on a gorgeous blue-sky Sunday, headed toward the coastal étangs southwest of Gruissan. An étang is a small lake or pond, quite often man-made for purposes such as agriculture, salt harvesting, or even medieval civic water projects. On this day, we parked just beyond the local saltworks (a salin), which has probably been in use since Roman times.

We walked along the narrow paths defining the rectangular ponds, eyeing pink flamingos in the distance. Eventually, we came to a wide expanse of wild beach. The day was cool, and we were happy to have the warm sun, also feeling lucky to not have the normal high winds.

I was especially delighted to find a vast area of small dunes, untouched, steadily changing shape under the tender hands of a light breeze.

Dune 3
With the steady guidance of a gentle breeze, the sand shifted ever so slightly, constantly reshaping the dunes a few grains at a time. It looked to me like dripping paint, and it was mesmerizing to watch. This is about two feet tall (61 cm).


Photo Set
Soft abstracts created by the shifting sands of the dunes.


Dune 5
Miniature dunes, mirroring the waves of the sea, were all around us.






Beach Calligraphy 1
Wind, sand and tiny things combine to create a kind of beach calligraphy.




Love and romance
From luscious roses to street art kisses, I have a variety of photographs to choose from for Valentine’s Day. Click on the photos below to see all the ways I can help you say “I love you.”

Photo Set
Say “I love you” with a beautiful print of a luxurious rose or a street art kiss.



Salad days
Many years ago, my friend Candace introduced me to the idea of putting pomegranate seeds into a salad. I’ve been hooked ever since. The seeds add rich color and zippy flavor during what can otherwise be a, shall we say, quiet season for salads.

For this version, I matched the pomegranate seeds with a gorgeous red endive called “Carmine,” plus pear slices, pistachios, and some crumbled blue cheese. A little drizzle of olive oil, and voilà, a colorful, flavorful salad to beat the mid-winter blahs.

Pom Salad
A zippy winter salad to cheer up grey days.



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